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Relocation healthcare services: assistance with French healthcare, medical appointments, teleconsultations, check-ups, medical deliveries

Relocating to a new country as an expatriate is synonym with discovering a whole new healthcare system that can sometimes be completely different from the one you are used to.

Management Mobility Consulting France offers a high range of relocation healthcare services, individually or in packages, as a one-stop-shop healthcare solution for expatriates.

In order to make sure that your expatriates and their families can rely on a comprehensive medical assistance during their stay in France, our relocation company will provide advice, support and access to a performant medical concierge service and healthcare platform.

During the entire duration of the relocation, our agency will be available to assist your assignees and their families with administrative procedures related to Social Security and healthcare, the organization of transportation to medical appointments, medical deliveries, the coordination of childcare during the family’s illness and much more.

Thanks to our large relocation healthcare services network, your expatriates will be able to get in contact with bilingual doctors and specialists or get their medications in record time without having to worry about being in a foreign country.

Our healthcare relocation services include:

Assistance With the French Healthcare System:

Management Mobility Consulting informs your expatriates about the French Healthcare System and offers individual support answering their specific administrative questions.

Healthcare Assistance at the Arrival:

Upon arrival at the airport in France, Management Mobility Consulting immediately provides your expatriates with a welcome kit (masks, gel, emergency numbers), takes charge of their first check-up and eventually of a COVID-19 test.

Medical Concierge Services:

With the cooperation of a specialised medical concierge, our relocation company guarantees you an easy access to teleconsultation and check-ups with peer-recommended doctors and appointments with specialists through an online healthcare platform.

Transport Organization:

Accompanying your expatriates at every moment, our relocation agency coordinates shuttles between the accommodation and the medical office if a physical appointment is needed.

Medical Delivery Service Coordination:

Management Mobility Consulting coordinates the delivery of the medical supplies and medications your expatriates might need after their medical consultation right to their doorstep.

Childcare or Domestic Assistance:

In case of an illness, our relocation company will help your assignees look for any childcare or domestic assistance required.

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