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Departure Services

Administrative assistance, handling of international move and return coaching

Imagine going abroad to live in an unfamiliar place then coming back home to a similar unfamiliarity. Unfortunately, this is a reality for many expatriates. Expats often expect to return to an unchanged home and unchanged individuals; however, the truth is there are many challenges expatriates and their families face upon repatriation.

Managing the return process is therefore important to help the expatriate and his or her family to readapt smoothly to their country of origin. The relocation agency Management Mobility Consulting offers employees a range of services at the end of their professional transfer.

Our assistance includes administrative support, moving assistance, professional assistance with departure formalities and return coaching.

Our departure assistance services include:

Simple assistance for departure after relocation:

Your relocation company Management Mobility Consulting can help with formalities in the country the expatriate is leaving to go back home. The termination of the lease, the mandatory information of rights and duties at the end of the lease, the cancellation of public services and the termination of home insurance in France, all are handled by the dedicated consultant of our relocation agency.

Full assistance for departure after relocation:

In addition to basic support, this assistance includes cleaning of the property and minor work at the end of the rental period, a presence during the inventory of fixtures when leaving the property and the closure of the personal bank account. The MMC team is at your side during each stage of the departure of employees expatriated in France!

Training and coaching on return:

Management Mobility Consulting sets up training programs and personalised coaching sessions to meet the needs of expatriates on relocation before and after their departure from France.

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