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Relocation of Your Employees

We manage the international mobility of your employees and their families thanks to our tailor-made solutions


Our relocation agency Management Mobility Consulting is highly valued by many companies who have trusted us for the international mobility of their employees for many years. Our relocation company is based in Paris and offers dedicated services related to the relocation of expatriates and their families.

The multilingual consultants at the heart of the Management Mobility Consulting team, are dedicated to assisting your employees in their professional assignment. Our experts have all the necessary skills and training to ensure that each impatriation or expatriation is a success.

Our relocation services in France include:

Orientation Tours "Look & See":

A personalised visit program built to suit the needs of each expatriate:

We establish an individual visit programme  for the expatriate or impatriate client before his relocation to France or abroad according to his needs. The programme is based on the targeted geographical area, the family situation and the various interests of the employee and his or her family.

An orientation tour before the actual relocation to France:

To facilitate your employee’s mobility, Management Mobility Consulting organizes an orientation visit to Paris or other cities in France before the assignment.
This guided tour may include discovering residential areas in Paris, international schools in Paris and the suburbs, parks, shopping areas, explaining how public transport functions in the capital, and some examples of accommodation that can be offered when looking for a home in Paris.

Information package about Paris and the Ile-de-France region:

Our relocation agency sends your employees all the practical information they need to know about France before settling in the country. We cover subjects such as renting an accommodation in France, presentation of the residential areas in Paris, an overview of the international and bilingual schools in Paris and it’s close suburbs, the banking system with a focus on banks which target the expatriate population, multilingual insurance companies in France, English-speaking doctors in Paris, purchases and useful administrative formalities in connection with a relocation to France. 

Schooling in France:

Information and pre-selection:

Thanks to the comprehensive information our relocation agency provides impatriates and expatriates in relocation, they can pre-select international, bilingual or trilingual schools in France. Our service includes advice and checking availabilities.

Visits of schools:

We organise visits of pre-selected schools. A relocation consultant from Management Mobility Consulting Relocation accompanies impatriates and expatriates and their families, and when possible arranges a meeting with the school staff.

Application, registration and continuous assistance:

Management Mobility Consulting assist your employees in impatriation or expatriation throughout the enrolment process for their children at bilingual and international schools in Paris, France and abroad.

Temporary Accommodation during Relocation to France:

The reservation of Apart hotels:

Our relocation company ensures the reservation of temporary accommodation in Paris, France or abroad for relocated impatriates and expatriates. These may be hotels, apart hotels or temporary accommodation residences.

Search for short-term rentals:

Management Mobility Consulting can help with your search and provide a selection of temporary accommodation in France and internationally. When required, our service includes a pre-visit of the accommodation ahead of the reservation.

Search and visits of furnished apartments:

Opting for a furnished apartment is the most convenient solution when the employee in the phase of international mobility must stay in temporary accommodation for several months.

Our service includes visits, lease negotiation and inventory of fixtures.

Accommodation Search in France:

Search for apartments or houses in France:

Our relocation company gives you accurate and up-to-date information about the rental market in Paris and other cities in France. We carry out the search for accommodation according to the criteria and needs of impatriates and expatriates in relocation.

Accompanied search for accommodation:

Our expert consultants search for accommodation according to the criteria defined by the impatriates or expatriates. Each housing search is different and individual. Before the visits, the employee can access details of the  accommodation online via our MyMobility platform. The employee in international mobility is given the opportunity to validate each pre-selected accommodation and we accompany him or her during the visits to ensure the quality of the properties selected.

Rental formalities:

Our relocation agency assists you in reserving your employee's accommodation, negotiates with the owners and/or real estate agencies and verifies the lease agreement before it is signed by the impatriate/expatriate employee or his company.

Installation Service for Relocation:

The Setting-up of utilities:

MMC assists you with the selection of various service providers, such as internet connection, phone, electricity, water, gas and electricity contracts in your home in France or abroad.

Home insurance in France:

In France It is mandatory for all tenants to subscribe a home insurance policy. Proof of it must be shown in order to be given the keys of a property. Our relocation agency is responsible for finding a home insurance policy that covers the essential guarantees of the expatriate’s new home.

Check-in inspection:

The MMC relocation consultant is present and assists the expatriate until the check-in inspection and the handing over of the keys making sure it is a smooth and safe process for the relocated employee.

Other Relocation Services on Arrival:

The opening of a bank account:

The dedicated consultant of our relocation company in Paris advises the impatriate/expatriate client on how to open a personal bank account in the country and helps him/her to find the best bank which suits his/her needs. Our assistance covers the setting-up of the bank appointment and accompanying the expatriate if required.

Organisation of the move:

In order to coordinate the move to France or abroad and facilitate the expatriation/impatriation process, our experts will obtain (for you) several quotes from moving companies for you. We then coordinate the move.


Our childcare assistance (service) includes the search for bilingual childcare facilities, the identification of the nearest childcare providers, nursery schools and babysitters.

Domestic services (housekeeping, gardening, repairs...):

Your relocation consultant in France can also help you if you need to find service providers for home maintenance, cleaning, gardening or repairs.

Rental and purchase of furniture:

Management Mobility Consulting assistance to impatriates also includes support during the purchase or rental of furniture, household appliances and other useful items for everyday use.

Telephone assistance:

Depending on the needs of expatriates/impatriates in relocation, a permanent telephone hotline may be reserved for them. This assistance to employees and their families is available for the first few months or for the entire duration of the relocation to France.

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