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15 of February 2024

The Luxembourg real estate market: analysis of rental demand in 2024

Since mid-2022, the Luxembourg real estate market has undergone significant change, mainly due to rising interest rates, which have prompted many buyers to postpone their purchase plans and turn to renting. This trend has led to a significant increase in rents in all regions of the country, fuelled by the influx of new tenants into the rental market.

According to recent data collected up to January 2024, Luxembourg City in particular, has seen a marked rise in rents for medium and upper-range properties. This trend reflects the reality of the Luxembourg rental market, where demand outstrips available supply, creating an environment conducive to soaring rents.

For medium to high standard accommodation in Luxembourg City, rents now range from €1,500 to €2,000 for a one-bedroom apartment, and from €2,100 to €2,600 for a furnished 2-bedroom apartment (excluding utilities).

The Luxembourg real estate market continues to evolve, with rising rental demand and increasing rents, creating both opportunities and challenges for investors and tenants alike. As a relocation company specializing in assisting expatriates, we are aware of the challenges our customers can face when looking for accommodation in Luxembourg. In this context, it seems essential to benefit from personalized, professional support to navigate the Luxembourg real estate market effectively.

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