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3 of October 2023

The British School of Paris

1. What is specific about the curriculum offered by your school?
At The British School of Paris we teach a wide range of skills/subjects starting from nursery and the early years right through to Year 13. All pupils benefit from a diverse and stimulating curriculum based on the British national curriculum ultimately leading to the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) award in a variety of subjects at age 16+. Most students then progress into the Sixth Form (post 16) and follow a rigorous schedule based around 3-4 selected subjects. Expectations of success are high at A Level with the vast majority of BSP students going on to university or some form of further education around the world.

2. Do you have an international study program?
The post 16 qualifications offered at The British School of Paris are A Levels. A Levels inspire a life-long love of subject, serious study habits and remain the most in-depth 16+ qualification in the world.
A Levels, recognised globally, take BSP students to top institutions here in France but also across the entire world.

3. How would you define the quality of teaching at your school? (teachers' qualifications and experience, performance...)
To provide a continuous course of high-quality all-round education to children of a wide range of abilities and cultural backgrounds, from Nursery level up to University entrance, embracing a wide range of extra-curricular activities as well as an academic curriculum based on courses followed in the UK.

4. How is your school adapting to technological developments to support student learning?
We provide an education that combines excellence in teaching, a highly personal approach, a technology-enriched learning environment and many opportunities for cultural and sporting activities. Our community of happy, confident students and supportive, well-qualified staff provides an enriching environment.

5. What are your school's facilities and resources? (science labs, libraries, sports facilities and information and communication technologies)
Facilities include:
• 6 science laboratories,
• 3 libraries
• Computer suites
• Interactive whiteboards in all classrooms
• Drama studio
• 2 multi-purpose halls, climbing wall and fitness centre
• All-weather pitch, playable astroturf
• Music suites/pods for practice, recording and composing
• Art studios
• Learning Support Centre
• Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

6. How does your school help students adapt to a new cultural environment and develop intercultural skills?
We are proud of our highly diverse community. When visitors arrive at our beautiful campuses they are often struck by the sheer range of nations, cultures and backgrounds that our pupils come from. The Junior School atrium is full of the flags of home nations and there are regular events to celebrate our internationalism. Whilst we operate and teach in English, you are likely to hear French (and other languages) being used at break times. A school that loves languages allows us to provide a warm welcome for all who come to learn here.

7. What extracurricular activities does the school offer (clubs, sports, arts and community activities)?
We have an extensive range of co-curricular activities included in our weekly timetable. Alongside we offer a selection of afterschool competitive clubs, offering the chance to travel around Europe to play/compete against other international schools. To explore how much we have to offer please click here for the Senior School and here for the Junior School.

8. How involved are parents in school life?
At the BSP we are fortunate to have a very active and supportive parent body who integrate into and enrich the life of the School. The parents’ association – the BSPS aims to promote community spirit by organising activities and events for all to join in with and enjoy, and by so doing additional funds are often raised for various charitable projects. The highlight events each year are the Christmas Fair in December and the annual Summer Fête in June.

9. How do you communicate with parents?
We maintain a constant presence on social media including Instagram, FB, Twitter and LinkedIn combined with a weekly comprehensive school newsletter.

10. What other special features of your school would you like to highlight?
The atmosphere at the BSP is vibrant, creative and above all outward looking. We are much more than a school; we are at the centre of the international community we serve and take great pride in ensuring that interaction with the school is a happy and fulfilling experience for the whole family.


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