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2 of November 2023

Sustainable development and CSR at MMC

What is sustainable development?
From an environmental perspective, sustainable development advocates for the preservation of ecosystems, reduction of pollution, and responsible use of natural resources. Economically, it promotes fair business models, green innovation, and energy efficiency. Lastly, socially, it seeks to ensure inclusion, social justice, and quality of life for all. At MMC, we wholeheartedly embrace these fundamental values. Environmentally, we place a strong emphasis on preserving ecosystems, reducing pollution, and responsibly using natural resources. This is manifested through practices such as reducing our carbon footprint and adopting green technologies.

What is CSR?
Corporate Social Responsibility goes beyond, encompassing a commitment to ethics, the environment, stakeholders, human rights, transparency, community, and social innovation. It aims to minimize negative impact and maximize the positive contribution of companies to society. CSR is a sustainable approach that enhances reputation, customer and employee loyalty, while improving long-term profitability. It represents a dedication to a fair, sustainable, and prosperous future for all. Much like sustainable development, CSR is more than just an initiative for MMC. It is a core value within our company.

What achievements for MMC?
At MMC, tangible actions are taken to promote these values of sustainable development and CSR. For instance, we strive to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations by optimizing transportation use. This involves implementing a Business Mobility Plan that encourages telecommuting and reimburses public transportation expenses. These measures contribute to reducing our CO2 emissions and increasing productivity. We also raise awareness among our employees about eco-responsible behaviors through the collaborative creation of a guide to eco-gestures, and we encourage waste sorting on-site. Additionally, we advocate for responsible consumption among our back-office teams.
On a societal level, a Quality of Work Life (QWL) approach is implemented, offering benefits such as a kitchen, yoga sessions, nutritious lunches, the establishment of a "green team," and team sports challenges such as "Squadeasy" (to learn more, read our articles here and here). Furthermore, we actively work to ensure wage equality between women and men and combat discrimination by organizing events such as the "Secret Santa" at Christmas. We also seek to establish partnerships with local associations and participate in humanitarian actions. We are also committed to skills-based sponsorship, allowing our employees to dedicate their working time to activities of general interest, such as waste collection. Thus, our company strives to make a positive contribution to society and the environment while improving the quality of life for its employees.

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