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26 of October 2023

Social Security in France for expatriates

In France, Social Security is a fundamental pillar of the social protection system, covering risks such as illness, maternity, disability, death, and old age. For foreigners residing and working in France, access to French Social Security depends on various factors, including their status and the duration of their stay.

For citizens of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland, affiliation with French Social Security is possible if they work and contribute in France. While the rules vary depending on the country of origin, contributions made to their home country's social security system can often be taken into account to avoid duplicate coverage.

Citizens from non-EU countries can also benefit from French Social Security by working under a contract in France. This may require contributions to both the French system and their own social protection system in their home country.
Even unemployed expatriates may be eligible for French Social Security if they meet certain conditions, such as residing in France, being retired, unemployed, or in a state of illness.

Access to Social Security for foreigners in France is therefore linked to their status, country of origin, and duration of stay. It is imperative to understand all the various rules to avoid gaps in coverage and unnecessary payments.

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