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9 of November 2023

Series : the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024: a historic event in figures

With nine months to go until the Games kick off in Paris, we open our series on the Olympic Games with a few key figures that illustrate the scale and scope of this historic event in France.

  • Over 3 exceptional weeks: the Olympic Games will be held from Friday 26 July to Sunday 11 August 2024, followed by the Paralympic Games from Wednesday 28 August to Sunday 08 September 2024.
  • Paris is hosting the Olympic Games for the third time in its history, while the Paralympic Games are coming to the French capital for the first time.
  • A total of 41 Olympic and 20 Paralympic venues will be spread across Paris, mainland France and the French overseas territories. A celebration of France's geographical diversity.
  • The Paris 2024 Olympic Games will bring together no fewer than 10 500 talented athletes from the four corners of the globe. A unique moment of competition and sporting camaraderie.
  • At the same time, this exceptional event will contribute to the economy, with the prospect of 150 000 jobs being created.
  • Nearly 9 000 trees will be planted in the Olympic Village, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.
  • 329 events are planned, offering an unprecedented sporting spectacle.
  • The budget allocated to the organisation of these Games amounts to 6,8 billion euros.
  • 7 million spectators are expected for the Olympic Games and over 3 million for the Paralympic Games.
  • On average, 50 matches will be played each day, with 18 sessions for the Paralympic Games, offering a diversity of disciplines to discover.
  • To follow the preparations for the Games closely, visit the Organising Committee's official website:

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