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25 of September 2020

Relocation healthcare services for expatriates – Now more important than ever

Since the beginning of the COVID crisis, health has become one major preoccupation for employees, especially for expatriates who need better and faster access to adequate healthcare services and support in their language during these uncertain times. According to Concilio’s OpinionWay survey, “66% of employees believe that companies are not paying enough attention to their health”.  From now on, HR managers will need to dedicate a lot more time and effort to the health of their expatriates.

In order to help our clients and their expatriates with all health-related issues, we have worked out a whole new range of relocation healthcare services for expatriates in France and abroad. 


Finding the right doctor – A challenge for expatriates in France

Some of our clients came to us seeking assistance as their expatriates were struggling to find a doctor or a specialist who speaks their language. In France, all doctors cannot necessarily speak English, let alone other languages.

Moreover, with the current COVID crisis, it is strongly recommended not to use public transportation, especially in big cities such as Paris. Therefore, expatriates would have to look for doctors located within walking distance, which makes finding the right doctor even more difficult.


How online consultations can make a positive difference for expatriates

One of the services we offer as a solution with our specialized partner company is a 24/7 access to its medical concierge services platform and the unique network of more than 20,000 peer-recommended doctors. 

This gives expatriates the possibility to get customized recommendations of nearby doctors who are recognized and recommended by their peers. They will also be able to get online consultations (via phone or video) with doctors and specialists in record time, in French or English. In case of complex medical situations or serious health problems, expatriates can easily seek a second medical opinion of another expert. Any other medical question can be addressed by the dedicated medical team, directly accessible by phone.

This kind of services makes the process of finding the right doctor much easier and faster. Usually, on average, the waiting time for a physical appointment with a specialist in Europe is 45 days. With these online consultations, you will get an appointment with a general practitioner in less than 4 hours, and with a specialist in less than 72 hours.


Home delivery services of medical supplies – Stay home, stay safe

To secure the all-round wellbeing of expatriates in France, it is also important to keep them safe and make access to medicine as easy and fast as possible. 

This is why Management Mobility Consulting now also offers a 24/7 home delivery service of medicine for expatriates in France. All we need from the expatriate is the medical prescription, we take care of everything else so that they receive the medicine in less than 2 hours.


Customized on-demand services for every situation

Of course, it is also crucial to be able to find an adequate solution to any situation an expatriate might experience. COVID-related regulations and restrictions might change anytime, which can be tricky to adapt to. How will expatriates move and travel from one place to another? How can they get a health check-up or COVID test upon arrival? What if they need childcare or domestic assistance during an illness? How does the local social security system work and how do you register?

Management Mobility Consulting is at your disposal to support you and your assignees in the best possible way in these challenging times.

Please feel free to visit this dedicated website for more details about our healthcare packages and additional modules.

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