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15 of December 2023

Management Mobility Consulting Awarded by CorporateINTL for Outstanding Achievements

December 15, 2023, Paris – Management Mobility Consulting, steadily evolving since its inception in 1996 by a visionary German entrepreneur, proudly accepts the CorporateINTL award. This honor reflects our commitment to providing top-tier relocation services across over 100 countries.

A Milestone of Excellence

The recognition from CorporateINTL signifies a significant milestone for Management Mobility Consulting. It echoes our continuous pursuit of excellence and our dedication to offering enriching and positive relocation experiences to our clients. Each relocation is an opportunity for us to showcase our expertise and our zeal in accompanying our clients into their new life chapters.

Global Reach with Local Expertise

With offices in France, Germany, Luxembourg, and Singapore, Management Mobility Consulting boasts an impressive international presence, coupled with in-depth local market knowledge. Our headquarters in France stand as the heart of our global network, symbolizing our ability to skillfully connect different cultures and markets.

Martina Meinhold, our founder, expresses her gratitude: "Receiving recognition from CorporateINTL is a valuable affirmation of our team's hard work. It reinforces our position as a leading service provider in the relocation sector and motivates us to continue on our path of innovation and quality growth."

Focused on Technological Innovation

Innovation and technological advancements are at the core of our company philosophy. Our MyMobility platform and accompanying web app exemplify our commitment to using cutting-edge tools to simplify and enhance the relocation experience. These technologies enable efficient management and transparent communication, providing our clients with the utmost comfort and security.

Commitment to Sustainability

At Management Mobility Consulting, we are deeply committed to sustainability. We continuously strive to implement eco-friendly practices and solutions, recognizing the importance of environmental stewardship in today’s world. Our sustainable approach is integral to our business operations and reflects our responsibility towards future generations.

In conclusion, Martina Meinhold extends her appreciation to clients and staff: "A heartfelt thank you to our loyal clients for their trust and to our employees for their tireless dedication. You are the cornerstone of our success and the reason we continue to set benchmarks in this dynamic industry."

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