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30 of March 2020

COVID-19: Social Security Affiliations in France

Management Mobility Consulting conducted a survey of several Primary Health Insurance Offices (CPAM) to obtain information on their activity during this COVID-19 period. The CPAM continue to work and process files, but are nevertheless in reduced numbers. Their activity therefore continues, and it is possible to contact them in particular about the evolution of files sent or being set up.

Several hotlines have been set up, there are relays between the funds of the different departments. By calling the CPAM of Paris for example, it is possible to be put in contact with another CPAM in a different region, which however will not have access to the precise information of a file treated in Paris.

In this difficult context, the CPAMs today announce a delay of two months in the processing of files.

Management Mobility Consulting remains at your disposal to assist you in the process of affiliating your employees to the CPAM and monitoring their files.

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